What NOT To Include On Your Resume

resume tips Oct 26, 2020

There’s an overwhelming amount of information when it comes to writing a resume. One question I get a lot is about length: Does it really have to be one page? I have so much more to share! 

The general rule of thumb is to keep it to one page, and if you’re a veteran of your industry with 15+ years of experience keep it to two pages. 

So instead of talking about what to include, let’s talk about what NOT to include.

Unrelated Experience: This seems obvious, but it can be nuanced and it can feel hard to cut. It’s your hard work afterall! But even if it’s the most killer business result, if it’s not related to the job description you’re applying to, it doesn’t belong on your resume. An example of this would be: if you’re applying for an Influencer Marketing role and you also have a public relations background, unless the job description required PR work you would leave off your amazing bullet point about landing The Today...

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How to Not-Network: Make Career Friends Instead

career advice Oct 20, 2020

I detest “networking.” It reminds me of those post-grad years where I felt I HAD to go to PR events and found myself surrounded by poorly PR pros who seemed to have it all figured out. 

But here’s the catch: I started my career in PR. I really did have to network! I just had to do it in a way that worked for me. I started to shift how I thought about networking. I realized that networking is just like making friends, but through the lens of your career. CAREER FRIENDS!

You want to show up and be there for your friends, and they do the same for you. You send your friends articles (okay maybe memes) that are relevant to their lives. You do favors for your friends whether or not you get something in return. You introduce your friends to your favorite restaurants or hair salons or brands. Right?

That's all networking is, but on a professional level instead of personal. When you "network" with someone, you fold them into your professional life. You show up for...

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