Please submit your resume in the intake form using a Google Drive or Google Doc link. Here's how!

P.S. If you're already working in Google Docs, you can skip to step 6 to learn how to create a shareable link for your Doc.

1. Go to, click "Go to Google Drive"

2. Sign in or create an account

3. Once you're in your Drive, click "New" in the upper left corner


4. Select "File Upload"

File Upload.png

5. Your resume and click "Open"


6. Once uploaded into your Drive, right click and select "Share" from the drop down of options

7. Click "Get shareable link"

8. Make sure it says "Anyone with the link can edit" (which you may need to change by clicking the drop down arrow next to can view, if it defaults to that. Then, click "Copy link."

9. Go back to the form and paste (either CTRL + V or right click and "paste") into the box.