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I'm Erin, a Career Confidence Coach who helps people take the next step in their career.

A resume, a seemingly simple page of paper, is quite loaded. It represents so much: reflecting on your career, the overwhelm of job hunting, the possibility of so much newness. It's no wonder it's so easy to put off writing your resume. That feeling? I call it resume dread. And I can help you get past it.

I combine my strategic writing experience, understanding of resume structure (I’ve been told I have a gift by several clients who are now in their dream jobs), and strong active listening skills to help people take the next step in their careers.

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Resume Revamp - $195

Maybe your current role is crushing your soul, and you don't have the emotional or physical energy to think about your job any more than you have to. Maybe you're thinking of transitioning industries and aren't sure how to position yourself. Or maybe you just have a case of resume dread and can't stand the thought of dusting off  your CV. No one enjoys updating their resume, except me... I'll do it for you.

What this includes:

  • 90-minute 1:1 intake session

  • 1 updated resume (the “Revamp!”)

  • 1 30-minute follow up, and

  • 1 round of edits based on follow up

How it works: You complete an intake form to provide context around where you are now and where you want to be, and you send me your resume as-is (leave the editing for me!). We schedule a 90-minute virtual or face-to-face (LA/OC) working session to dive into your experience. I ask questions, you talk, I type. This doubles as a confidence boost, and it usually turns out to be pretty fun! After our 1:1, I go ham on your resume and send you the final updated version.

Additional Career Services:

  • Cover Letters

  • LinkedIn Profile Development

  • Career & Interview Coaching

  • Professional Summaries & Executive Bios

Gift Someone!

Know a recent grad who could use some guidance, or a friend who is feeling stuck? We can put together a package that you can gift. (Wow, you're such a good friend.) Contact me for details! 

I got a job within two weeks of working with Erin. This was a job that was a career shift into a new industry that I wanted to enter. Before working with her I didn’t think I could make this shift without starting from the bottom. Working with Erin was an efficient and pleasant process that doubled as a boost of excitement about my job search. I had struggled with presenting the value of my past work experience, and Erin turned it into an organized and powerful resume.
— Catie, From Marketing to Film Production
It really wowed me how Erin took what felt like an overwhelming bulk of information and distilled it down to what is now a powerful and adaptable resume. She did it all while helping to boost my self-confidence and empowered me to take our collaboration and run with it.
— Nicole, Fundraising & Development Industry
I had never created a resume and I didn’t know where to start. Talking about myself and trying to sell myself felt foreign to me. Erin had a way of making me comfortable enough to dig into my career experience and vocalize things I would never have thought to include. She took that conversation and turned my blue collar experience into a polished resume that landed me a dream job (and my first ‘real’ office job). I could not have done it without her!
— David, From Bike Shop to Cycling Startup
I’ve been working freelance for years, so building my resume has always been a bit of challenge. When I met up with Erin she asked great questions and really got me to open up about my strengths and what I’m looking for out of a a job. She put together a great resume for me and coached me through next steps and how to optimize for each application.
— Arly, Freelance Producer
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The Short Version

I'm a Career Confidence Coach with 10 years of professional experience in public relations. I started in PR in 2010, eager to put my communication and people skills to use. Throughout my career I've become the go-to resume girl for friends and colleagues, and what I've come to realize is that writing a resume is like PR for job-seekers. I love helping people "pitch themselves" to potential employers and in the process, we dig into your experience which doubles as a confidence boost. 

The Long Version

Career Confidence Burnout: I've Lived It

It was 10 days before Christmas in 2014, just a few days before our office closed for the holidays. I walked into my boss’s office for my annual review, my performance evaluation in hand, printed on crisp white paper with handwritten notes to address in person. I’d scored fairly high and was ready to hear constructive feedback, and that’s when she fired me. Rather than co-signing my performance evaluation, we co-signed a termination agreement.

The next two years were tough. I doubted myself. I didn’t speak up in my new role. I felt dried up, out of ideas. Being let go, despite the fact that I knew in my core it was not a reflection of my work, was a detriment to my confidence. Over the next few years I worked really hard to restore my career confidence. It paid off and I was promoted, and then offered a new role at a sister company.

Getting fired was the best thing that could have happened to me. Hindsight’s 20/20, right? My biggest fear happened and I survived it, and then overcame the side effects. But I know what it’s like to feel defeated on the job. I know what it’s like to face your resume and only think negative thoughts. And I know how to pull the information out of you that will put those thoughts to rest and lead to a shiny new resume and boost of confidence.

I want to live in a world where people feel confident in pursuing the career of their dreams.

As a Career Confidence Coach, I work with people to see their own genius so they feel confident taking that next big step and applying for that dream job.

When I’m not coaching phenomenal beings, you can find me riding my bicycle around Long Beach or playing with my long haired chihuahua named Dracula.

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