I got a job within two weeks of working with Erin. This was a job that was a career shift into a new industry that I wanted to enter. Before working with her I didn’t think I could make this shift without starting from the bottom. Working with Erin was an efficient and pleasant process that doubled as a boost of excitement about my job search. I had struggled with presenting the value of my past work experience, and Erin turned it into an organized and powerful resume.
— Catie, From Marketing to Film Production
It really wowed me how Erin took what felt like an overwhelming bulk of information and distilled it down to what is now a powerful and adaptable resume. She did it all while helping to boost my self-confidence and empowered me to take our collaboration and run with it.
— Nicole, Fundraising & Development Industry
I had never created a resume and I didn’t know where to start. Talking about myself and trying to sell myself felt foreign to me. Erin had a way of making me comfortable enough to dig into my career experience and vocalize things I would never have thought to include. She took that conversation and turned my blue collar experience into a polished resume that landed me a dream job (and my first ‘real’ office job). I could not have done it without her!
— David, From Bike Shop to Cycling Startup
I’ve been working freelance for years, so building my resume has always been a bit of challenge. When I met up with Erin she asked great questions and really got me to open up about my strengths and what I’m looking for out of a a job. She put together a great resume for me and coached me through next steps and how to optimize for each application.
— Arly, Freelance Producer